Translator - Slovak and Czech


  • from ENGLISH (EN) to SLOVAK (SK)
  • from ENGLISH (EN) to CZECH (CS)
  • from ITALIAN (IT) to SLOVAK (SK) and viceversa
  • from ITALIAN (IT) to CZECH (CS) and viceversa
  • from SLOVAK (SK) to CZECH (CS) and viceversa

carried out promptly, that is as soon as possible, with no extra cost for urgent translations

and at a fixed rate, calculated on the source text (or on the target language text when texts are received in a format that does not allow the number of characters to be counted automatically [PDF, JPG, fax] ), that is 0.07 Euro/word or 18.00 Euro/page (1,500 characters, excluding spaces) with a minimum of 10.00 Euro for each translation

the above price also includes:
terminology check, grammar and style check (performed by the translator’s assistants) and proofreading for printing (if required)

Areas of specialization

Particular experience

  • in Translations of a technical and industrial nature, such as instruction manuals and software for industrial machines and equipment and their electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic sub-systems, within the following sectors:
    • Car industry
    • Food industry
    • Textiles
    • Paper production
    • Ceramics
    • Metallurgy
    • Production and processing of metals and Machine tools/CNC
    • Glass manufacture and processing
    • Ecology and the Environment
    • Power generation
    • Automation and Robotics in general
  • in Translations of hardware and software manuals for the IT industry
  • in Translations of manuals, brochures and all technical and sales documentation in the following sectors
    • Household appliances
    • Audio-video equipment
    • Furniture
    • Fashionware and shoes
    • Personal Safety Equipment (PSE)
and also
  • with Translations of texts concerning medical equipment and devices
  • with Translations of a commercial nature
  • with Translations of texts from the banking and financial sectors
  • with Translations of legal texts

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