Translator - Slovak and Czech


  • from ENGLISH (EN) into SLOVAK(SK)
  • from ENGLISH (EN) into CZECH (CS)
  • from ITALIAN (IT) into SLOVAK (SK) and vice versa
  • from ITALIAN (IT) into CZECH (CS) and vice versa
  • from SLOVAK (SK) into CZECH (CS) and vice versa

with quick turnaround, i.e. at the first delivery date available, with no extra charge for urgent jobs

and at a fixed price, calculated based on the source text (or based on the target text only for documents received in formats (PDF, JPG, fax, ...) which do not allow an automatic character count), i.e. 0.07 Euro/word or 18.00 Euro/standard page (1,500 characters, spaces not included) with a minimum charge of 10.00 Euro for each translation

this price also includes:
terminology control, grammar and style control (performed by the translator’s collaborators) and check of the drafts to print (if requested)

Specialization areas

Particular experience

  • Translations of a technical-industrial nature, including instruction handbooks and software for industrial machines and equipment and for their electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic subsystems, for the following industries:
    • Car
    • Food
    • Textile
    • Paper
    • Ceramics
    • Metallurgy
    • Manufacturing and machining of metals and tool machines/CNC
    • Manufacturing and processing of glass
    • Ecology and environment
    • Electricity production
    • Automation and robotics in general
  • Translation of hardware and software manuals for the information technology industry
  • Translation of manuals, brochures and all technical-marketing documentation in the following industries
    • Appliances
    • Audio-visual equipment and devices
    • Furniture
    • Clothing and footwear
    • Individual protection equipment (IPE)
  • Translations of texts regarding medical equipment and devices
  • Translations of a commercial nature
  • Translation of texts for the banking and finance industry
  • Translation of legal texts

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